July 27, 2017

Your Greatest Resource

For many years I had a message on the top of my computer monitor that read: Am I Doing the Most Important Thing Right Now? I put this same note on my team’s computers along with another that read Just Do It!  Over the years when we changed our monitors these reminders were not replaced, however, I think it’s time (no pun intended) to resurrect them and you might want to as well.

As business owners we often talk about Time “Management”, however, in reality, we CAN’T manage time…it keeps passing at the same rate for all of us! What we CAN do is manage ourselves and how we chose to invest our time as well as how we spend it.

If I am completely honest with myself I would admit that I am not always doing the most important thing. In fact, I put off writing this column during the time I had allocated to the task and instead spent time shopping online and browsing social media. I didn’t need what I bought and I nearly missed my deadline for this newsletter. 

I bet you know the feeling of starting something and not finishing it or of trying to do several things at once and not completing any of them.  We seem to live our busy business and personal lives this way so the reminder from Nike of “just do it” seems “timely”.

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