February 5, 2015

Your BnBFinder.com Listing

What would it feel like if most of your guests skipped breakfast and didn't take advantage of the amenities and special touches that you offer? That’s right, night after night guests would go straight to their rooms, sleep and bypass the many things you provide that add value to their stays. Why am I asking this? Recently I was in a meeting with my PR team and we were wondering why more innkeepers don’t take advantage of the many services we offer to promote their inns. It might be dramatic (I admit), however, I use the guests ignoring your amenities analogy to describe how it feels to me when innkeepers don’t take advantage of the additional promotion that is available to them.

We are not just a “directory,” we are your marketing partners too. With BnBFinder you don’t just have a static listing, so I've assembled a partial list of our many promotional features. Look closely at it to be sure you know about everything we offer you.
Specials and Packages: Every morning this is the first section my PR team checks, so it’s an easy way to get on their radar. The media also loves them (and while guests don’t book the exact package, they do look at specials in an area initially, which means you will get seen first by guests when you add those specials to your listing). 
Frequent Media Requests: We work with the media all day, every day, and we communicate with you constantly about our pitches on Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook page is new and many of you have not signed up for it, so click here for access to this private page and here to sign up for our exclusive Twitter feed.

Your Newsletters: If you send a newsletter to guests, do you have press@bnbfinder.com on your distribution list so that my PR team reads firsthand what is happening at your inn? This additional knowledge is a great resource for them in getting your name known.

Travel Agents: Did you know they still exist? They frequently contact us about working with our inns, and we have a page of properties that will work with travel agents for lower commissions than other online booking. Login to your account, and you’ll find it under policies.

Advanced Search: We offer guests over 130 features and amenities to search, so click here to login to your account and quickly run through your listing to be sure we have all of your features and amenities up to date, and while you are at it, add a special package.

My column has gotten long (if you know me you know I get excited about promoting your inn), so please take advantage of all we offer and ask me or my team for help if you need it! That’s what we’re here for. For more on working with a website and listing in an online directory,
 read Chapter 8 of Running a Bed and Breakfast For Dummies.
As always, it’s a privilege and a pleasure to promote your inn.

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