November 26, 2014

Behind the Scenes

I've just returned from the first Hospitality and Marketing Summit in Denver, Colorado.  I hope this is an annual event as the enthusiasm, camaraderie and learning opportunities were without a doubt the best that I've seen. It was also the first conference that I have been to where we completely lost power, Internet and heat during the educational sessions. A construction crew hit a power cable and knocked all power out for blocks.  Luckily it was fixed quickly, but what was really remarkable was how no one skipped a beat.  Classes on branding, analytics and Facebook went on in the dark!  The innkeepers were literally there to soak up the knowledge and nothing was going to stop them!  I was not speaking when the power went out, however, I did several sessions at HMS as well as numerous one on one sessions.  One of my topics was Make-Inn Marketing Easy.  

At BnBFinder, we want to turn the tables and let you be like our guest- we'll take care of you!  What do I mean by this? As innkeepers you ensure your guests have a great getaway and as your marketing partner we have many tools, features and practices to make sure your inn is seen in the best light.  For instance do you know how much goes on behind the scenes on our end when you renew your listing?  You don't just pay for a renewal and we process the payment.  Rather, you have an active listing and we make sure your inn name and all information matches Google to help in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  We also look to be sure we don't have duplicate content from your website which could now hurt your SEO.  We make sure your pictures are up to date and your text is appealing.

You've probably heard that we're really good at getting press for our inns and our industry but many of you are not using TweetInn despite the fact that you do tweet for your inn.  @TweetInn is a private Twitter account that we use to give you up to the minute media requests. 

This newsletter is also another tool to help you help us promote your inn so please scan it each month.  If you don’t have time to upload the information yourself hit reply and tell us to call you.  If you write a newsletter for guests be sure to put on your distribution list so we get information about your inn on a regular basis.  The more information we have about your inn the better we can take care of you.  Yes, there is more to marketing than just having one directory listing, but my goal is to be a big part of "making your marketing easy."

For further insight into finding ways to promote your inn, make sure to read Chapter 8 in Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies.

Happy Holidays!

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