May 15, 2009

This Just In!

Now that the book is finally out, the reviews are pouring in! As an author, one can only hope that the book will be well-received and meet the expectations of the reader. And, I’m thrilled to say that Running a Bed and Breakfast For Dummies has done just that! Readers and critics alike seem to appreciate the realistic, yet encouraging approach that the book offers.

“White, the President and Founder of, a leading bed & breakfast directory, helps romantics take off their rose-colored glasses and look at the realities of innkeeping without necessarily puncturing the dream. After demythologizing the concept a bit, she goes over how to plan for, market and open a B&B and what you'll need to do on a daily basis (pretty much everything). It's a forthright look at what must be a labor of love but can still be profitable if done right. As White herself says, parts of the book may sound discouraging but are not meant to dishearten readers -- only to prepare them for running an excellent B&B.” -The Associated Press.

“Mary White has pieced together a fantastic resources for those who are just thinking about and those who are in the process of owning a B&B. The book covers a lot of ground, but it's not overwhelming. It's a practical look at the many issues innkeepers must master in order to start and operate a successful inn. I am fortunately surrounded by a lot of people who speak and write about the business of innkeeping. Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies is a must-have textbook for our industry.” – Jay Karen, President and CEO of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International.

“If you are thinking of becoming an innkeeper, this is the book you must read. Mary has done an excellent job of covering all aspects of running a bed and breakfast. I have been an innkeeper for 20 years and her contribution is clear, concise and to the point. I wish all this information was available 22 years ago when we took the leap. For aspiring innkeepers, you now have all the information you need to make a decision.” – Linda Horn, Innkeeper at Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast.

If you’ve read the book I would love to hear your feedback. You can post your comments and thoughts here on my blog and on online sites such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Mary White
Founder and CEO of
Author, Running a Bed and Breakfast For Dummies

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